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Triathlon Training Week 2

With a busy week at work and at home I felt myself slipping off the wagon this week. I was doing well until Wednesday, I did 45 minutes of pilates as well as a bike or a run everyday. On Wednesday I managed a 20 minute 3Km ‘run’ (there was walking involved) with my good [...]

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Triathlon Training Week 1

I’m currently training for my first ever Triathlon. After having a tough start to the year deciding I need to get more in shape I started doing 30 day shred (Jillian Michael’s) workouts everyday. After 2 months of the same exercises over an over I got bored and strayed from my exercise plan. I dieted [...]

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How to Be Enchanting (in Business)

Enchantment. Cool word, but it can mean so many things. To me it instantly brings to mind those classic love stories you read about in books, where the woman is so enchanting its unreal, and then men act like idiots. But when I think about enchantment in business and in marketing, a la Guy Kawasaki’s [...]

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Nightmare at the Bay, Toronto

So as part of my resolution/meeting weight loss goal strategy for this year (losing 10 pounds), I decided I would not buy myself any new clothes until I lost the weight. However, I cannot pass up a sale, and have already failed (but it was such a good investment!) Unfortunately though, before the delight of [...]

Starting a New Blog? Get Noticed Fast

If you’re thinking of starting your first blog, or even a new blog, you need to keep some things in mind to make sure your new blog gets found, and fast. Most bloggers start off like I did, wandering through the haze of blog sites, which do you choose? WordPress, tumblr, blogspot? Then getting more [...]

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